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North Star Canine was created with a drive to give owners the partner they have always wanted from their dog. I use reliable, specialized techniques and a whole body approach focusing heavily on relationship, trust, clarity, and outdoor adventure education.  

We are still open during our current pandemic, and currently enrolling students into programs that fit their needs best. 

About Your New 

Favorite Dog Trainer

Compassionate. Patient. Persistent.

I have loved all kinds of animals for as long as I can remember, and have dedicated my career to them. We all deserve to be understood, and I work tirelessly to extend that compassionate belief to dogs and other beings. I am a certified trainer, and I specialize in fear and fear based aggression behavior modification.

Accessible, Sustainable Training.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying a hundred different leashes, collars, harnesses, treats, and so on to get your dog to listen. Together, we will find the right fit, the right sustainable training methods for you, and the right routine for you. I do everything I can to make training as easy to manage as possible. I know that oftentimes, training means a mentality or lifestyle change, and my goal is to make that transition as seamless and empowering as possible.

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