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NoVa's Favorite Dog Trainer

We help you solve the issues you're facing with your dog to enjoy the life you BOTH deserve!

Your goals are within reach.

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A dog who is focused on you regardless of what's going on around them.


Peaceful, cohesive, happy lifestyle.


Pulling-free, relaxing walks, and listens the first time, every time.



Every single day, we work with dog owners like you who struggle with issues just like these:

"My dog is terrified of other people, new places, and sounds."

"My dog jumps on everyone and won't calm down when company is over."

"We've already been through training. It didn't really help and our issues are still happening."

"If I call my dog to come to me, they blow me off or run the other way!"

"I can't leave my dog home alone. They bark, pace, and destroy things."

"My walks are so frustrating! My dog pulls so hard and barks at other dogs. One of us Is going to get hurt."

And many, many more...

A relaxed dog who listens and loves doing what you ask, regardless of what's going on around them.

A dog who can join you on all of life's adventures, whether on the town or on the trail.

A supportive, non-judgmental, ethical trainer who understands we don't all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Life-long results that only help to improve your relationship with your dog. 


Star Cluster
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You can feel confident choosing me because...

This is a welcoming, woman owned and operated company, offering individualized attention big training operations can only dream of.

I come to you, specifically so I can help you in the environment the issues are happening in.

With a background in the veterinary industry, I have experience with and implement the highest standard of care available.

I am experienced, certified, and constantly pursue continuing education.

You will receive the most comprehensive, sustainable, and compassionate coaching.

Dog training is more than a job- it is a way of life with many lessons to teach us that apply to our daily lives.

I understand your struggles, because I've had them too. You are not alone.

I honor a holistic, whole body and mind philosophy, to give you a well-rounded and effective experience.

I can be your last trainer, ever.

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Dr. Amy Cook Reactivity Management Virtual Training


Training Between the Ears L1 by Mark McCabe Virtual Training

How Will I Help You?

I teach you foundations of how dogs learn and perceive the world, so that any training you do is dramatically more effective.

I know how to change the way your dog thinks and feels, not just the commands or tricks they know.

I can explain the "why" of everything I teach, which helps you implement change and see results.

I help you through taking your dog to public places, so you don't have to try it alone.

I believe your dog's demeanor is critical, not just the behavior. Your dog will not be nervous about training, they'll be excited to work with you.

You'll receive the support and coaching you need to be successful. I am the last trainer you'll need.





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