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Tree Stump

Product Links

These are products that have been put to the test. They are versatile, durable, and reliable.

***Please purchase through these links! It helps North Star Canine if you buy through the links below!***

The LAST treat pouch you'll ever need! Has space for one silicone snack bag, a stun gun (see other links), phone, keys, waste bags, and more.

Use as regular diet and/or treats! 

Bath mats are perfect to lay on top of your place cot so that we can easily generalize the cue and you can take it on the go (without lugging around a clunk

Freeze dried raw food. High value treat or regular meals! Go slow introducing these if your dog has never tried raw.

These go in the treat pouch hip pack! Note: these do NOT work for the advertised purpose. The ziploc on them is not very sturdy, but they stay open very well for easy treat access, and fit perfectly in the hip pack.

These are a good clean mid value treat, and very easy to tear up.

An excellent dry option that can be used as main meals or treats.

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