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Leading Lifestyle Trainer? What's that?

The dog training industry as we know it is full of different methodologies, philosophies, tools, and styles. You most likely have already done some research - it's pretty overwhelming, isn't it?

Like you, I know how vast this world of training is. Everywhere you turn, there's someone telling you how to do something with your dog. How to get them to not pull on a leash, not jump, come when called, stop barking, and so on. Turn any corner of the internet, and there's a new tool or gadget to fix your problem (instantly! they swear).

Lifestyle training is different. I'm here to get to know you. And your dog, of course, but honestly? Mostly you. Knowing you will help me know your struggles, fears, and dreams with your dog. We look at your lifestyle, and together, we find the best and most sustainable route to help you get where you want to go.

At the end of the day, training your dog to sit, down, heel, come, and place is only a fraction of what good training should encompass. Good training will reach as far as nutrition, management, safety, spinal health, even sleep quality. From there, you'll learn how to incorporate everything together to be able to get the absolute best partner from your dog that you possibly can.


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