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"My Dog Doesn't Like Kong Toys"

You know the kind. Red, three tiered toys that are you can stuff to the brim with goodness.

You scooped some peanut butter into one for your pup, only to find they turn their nose up at it. You might try a couple of times, but ultimately, you shrug. Your last dog never liked them much anyway.

I'm here to help! Kongs are hugely undervalued among most clients. They're excellent tools for everything from enrichment and boredom busters to separation anxiety.

Here's the key. There's nothing wrong with the toy. It's what you put inside it.

"But my dog loves peanut butter!"

Yeah, but clearly not enough.

There's no end to what you can put in a kong. Wet dog food, soaked and frozen kibble, yogurt, bone broth ice cubes, goats milk cubes, chicken, turkey, blueberries, green beans- you get the point. Be creative! They are so worth it. Your dog will thank you.



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