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Private Lesson Programs



Little Dipper Program

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This is a great program for mild and more benign issues. During our 4, one hour lessons together, we nail down a solid foundation of understanding of dog training, and address one or two issues you're experiencing. Equipment is included. Lessons are generally held outdoors to give you real life distractions and experience. 

Includes Google Drive support, phone support, Digital Handouts 

North Star Program

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This program is perfect for clients wanting to be able to take their dog anywhere. Traveling, wineries, outdoor restaurants, trail hiking. A patient, responsive, well-rounded pup is totally achievable, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. 

Included Cues

-Sit (so that you can quickly make sure that your dog is stationary and not going to budge in any situation)

-Down (to make sure you can have a dog who can relax anywhere)

-Heel & Loose Leash Walking (so that you can easily navigate crowds with your dog by your side, and have relaxing walks in the neighborhood) 

-Place (so you have a designated spot for your dog to hang out on while company comes in and gets settled in peace, practice impulse control, have a familiar docking station for them when traveling to decrease anxiety, and much more)

-Come when Called (know that your dog will come running to you the first time you call, no matter how interesting/fun/exciting/tasty the distraction)

+Unlimited Extra Commands, based on your dog's needs. This can include things like touch, wave, scratch boards (nail filing), middle (lay down between my legs), under (go under the table or chair and lay down), leave it, emergency cues, and more. If you can think of an issue, there are lots of cues we can teach to help.

Program Details

-12, one hour long private one-on-one coaching lessons: During these lessons, I am teaching you how to teach your dog. While I will work your pup through a few reps to demonstrate, it is critical that you learn the mechanics, timing, and purpose behind each part of the training and are able to put it into practice. Typically scheduled weekly.

-Unlimited phone and text support: Don't hesitate to get in touch when you get stuck! That is what I'm here for. Whether you have a burning question or need a pep talk because you're having a bad training day, I encourage you to use this support.

-Field Trips: Two to four of your lessons will be field trips! Meaning we are out in public spaces like city centers and trails, applying all your knowledge to the real world. You don't have to jump into it alone.

-Video Support: A Google Drive folder that I encourage you to upload videos into of your training sessions. This allows me to go in and comment on what you're doing really well, and what you need to focus on.

-Nutrition Assistance: Chances are, if you're feeding commercial kibble, there are holes in your dog's diet that lead to inflammation, behavioral issues, and a whole host of problems later in life. If you're here, it means you're investing in yourself and your dog, and you want your dog to life as long as possible with the happiest life. Nutrition is an often overlooked, but very impactful, part of ensuring happiness + health. 

-Wellness Plan: This is a big handout that includes a ton of foundational information that will be the base for our training plan. If you have a bad foundation, the training won't stick. Foundational information includes things like nutrition, safety, management, crates, and so on. These are all things that impact behavior, but aren't necessarily directly training.

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